MagiChinese is a Chinese language learning application, aiming to reading and communication, devoting to help learners know Chinese language scientifically and effectively.   Brand Profile Chinese language teaching brand, focusing on Chinese language teaching research up to 7 years. Provide services for non-native Chinese overseas learners, and people who are interested in Chinese language and culture. Go in for technical innovation of Chinese language teaching, the original method is applied to more than 3000 Chinese characters. Own a professional team, the product manager, designer, technician and others make full follow-up.   Brand Mind Easy and Fun – Every Chinese character is a cartoon, watch one minute cartoon, learn a Chinese character. Scientific and Efficient – Using methods closely integrates the special characteristics of Chinese and meaning with the psychological traits of learners. Explore the secret – Explore the story behind every Chinese character, and make communication in different cultures.
MagiChinese是一款汉语学习应用,以识字为基础,以阅读和交流为目标,致力于让学习者科学、高效学汉语。   品牌简介 对外汉语教学品牌,专注于汉语及对外汉语教学研究长达7年。 为母语非汉语的海外人群及对汉语和中国文化感兴趣的人士服务。 致力于汉语教学技术革新,首创千字岛阶梯想象识字法,适用于常用3000+汉字。 拥有一支专业团队,产品策划、设计、技术等人员全程跟进。   品牌理念 轻松趣味——每一个汉字都是一部动画,看1分钟动画,轻松快速识汉字 科学高效——从汉字自身特点及学习者学习规律出发,因材施教 探索揭秘——挖掘每个汉字背后的故事,实现跨文化交流

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